Tuesday Discovery – Ben Howard

My utter weakness for sultry British boys with James Blunt-like angst in their voices aside,  Ben Howard, whose 2011 debut album Every Kingdom I just very belatedly discovered, is a welcome addition to my growing list of favorite Indie songsters.  Singable tunes, clever lyrics and atmospheric orchestrations are the selling points of a young artist with an outstanding sense of formal structure and well, some damn catchy tunes.

I have to interject here that as much as I am enamored with his music, his website drove me nuts. I have never seen anything so difficult to navigate and so full of well, nothing. The home page has no navigation tabs and I had to find the other pages by way of the Google search engine entry. There’s no bio and no real information about the artist or the music. The merchandise offered is only available from England and in British pounds. It’s not a very world friendly place. Fortunately, I found the vinyl on Amazon!

That aside, I have found myself listening to Every Kingdom over and over again and getting lost in the dreaminess of Ben’s voice. Since this is an older release and I am sure it’s been well reviewed, I shan’t give you a blow by blow description. I will just say that Ben Howard is a musician with immense talent and something to say. If you haven’t availed yourself of his music, check it out. It’s available in every imaginable format!

Ben Howard

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