New Music Discovery- For King and Country

For King and Country

Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.

As one who generally dismisses Christian pop music out of hand, I was pleasantly surprised by the Australian brother act For King and Country. Oft compared to Coldplay,  Joel and Luke Smallbone eschew the typical “contemporary Christian” cliches of cheesy “I want Jesus to be my boyfriend” lyics, predictable harmonies and key changes ad nauseum. Instead, the boys from down under give us sincere expressions of their faith set in dreamy, sophisticated orchestrations.

Joel and Luke are capable of spinning a good tune and there are a number of standouts on this their sophomore outing. I was particularly moved by Shoulders ,Long Live and Already Home.  I think the grand appeal of these songs is their avoidance of preachiness in lieu of an appeal to a universal good. Joel and Luke tastefully avoid the “I was a down and out horrible sinner with nothing to live for before Jesus” trap and offer up lyrics that are positive and uplifting . Even if one weren’t of a Christian bent, one could be inspired by these upbeat anthems.

For King and Country came as a very pleasant surprise and is a band that I will certainly continue to follow. Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. is available on Rhapsody, Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and other digital outlets. If you still love hard media, the CD is available through Amazon. Well worth a listen!

Side note:  I did a web search for a synonym for inspirational. The first site that I clicked on had a banner ad at the top for this release. Interesting coincidence, or God moment? You decide.


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