Spinster Records: High on Fashion, Low on Content

The Dallas music scene has cause to rejoice with the advent of several new independent record stores catering primarily to the ever growing vinyl crowd. I had a chance to sample Spinster Records in the trendy Bishop Arts district this afternoon and found a store with a friendly staff and a very fashionable look that was sadly weak in content and organization.

Located on Davis Street just to the west of the main Bishop Arts drag, Spinster is a beautiful store with an old school feel of lots of bricks and wood. Sadly, the selection of music is at best weak and is a disorganized mess. I was met with random titles that were displayed with no rhyme or reason. When I asked how things were organized I was told “by price”. No one shops for music based on price point.

The store displayed a modest selection of new records, most of which were devoid of price stickers. The used selection was nondescript and populated with mostly run of the mill titles. I can’t imagine people flooding to what is supposed to be the hippest new spot in one of the city’s hippest neighborhoods desperately seeking an old Carpenters or Barry Manilow title. Let’s just say that I went in with the intention of spending money and had a very hard time finding something to buy.

On a positive note, Spinster does have an excellent selection of turntables both new and vintage and accessories to go with them. This is a good thing as it’s high time that Audio Concepts got some competition,

Conversations with the staff revealed the existence of lots more stock as yet undisplayed, but if one wants to make a big impressions, one would think that the store would have a grand opening with all of its merchandise on display, well organized and properly priced. While I will continue to support Spinster with future visits, I will need to see some fast and vast improvements in the inventory to make me a regular customer. Right now this handsome little record store looks like the owner’s expensive hobby instead of a serious music outlet.


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