Hail Josey Records! Dallas Makes a Musical Comeback with a Real Record Store

The opening of Josey Records in North Dallas is definitely cause for rejoicing. This 15,000 square foot music emporium is everything that a record store should be. With literally hundreds of thousands of new and used albums (vinyls as the kids call them), cds, cassettes and 45s there is no place else in the Metroplex that can top Josey for price, selection and atmosphere. (Yeah, yeah, there’s Forever Young but their prices are so insane it’s not even worth considering them).

My brief visit on Josey’s first day of business yesterday left me ecstatic in my enthusiasm for this music lover’s fantasy outlet. In addition to the amazing selection, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the owners have truly created not just a place to shop, but a place to hang out and share one’s love of music with fellow like-minds. Josey Records features a huge open and airy space with room to spare. I am told that live music will soon be a part of the Josey experience and in the the mean time, the space features a delightful art gallery, a huge DJ booth and a fantastic little lounge where one can sit and gab with friends. I am also told that a coffee and juice bar is in the plans.

Josey also offers a no risk buying environment with about a dozen turntables set up in the front of the store where you can audition records before you buy them. I am not sure if you can listen to sealed new records or not, but I would bet that the staff have play copies available of most major new releases for customers to audition.

What I loved most  was that customers and staff alike were hanging out talking, sharing their favorite records with friends, and everyone seemed to be having a great time just being around so much music and energy. Josey Records is the most positive thing to happen to the Dallas music scene in a decade and I for one am happy to have found a new home away from home.

Viva Josey Records! Long may she prosper!

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